Business takeover

Making a success of your takeover project

60,000 companies change hands in France every year. For buyers, a successful start will be imperative to guarantee the company's long-term future.


Which context?

When it comes to supporting business takeover projects, we have built our expertise on the many projects we have been fortunate enough to support over the past 20 years. The process for potential buyers begins with a validation of the "person-project" fit.

On the program:

Because taking over a business can't be improvised, Nexmove has forged a privileged partnership with the CRA, the unanimously recognized specialist in business takeover support.

The Nexmove ecosystem supports the executive in various phases:

Coaching de reprise d'entreprise
  • Search for potential targets with business referrals via the CRA, Althéo, and the Nexmove network: accountants, alumni, customers...
  • Financing through contacts with partner investment funds
  • Due diligence with our network of chartered accountants
  • Closing the deal with our partner business law firms

Group workshop

The collective dimension of these projects is, of course, the key to success, so the executive becomes a member of the Club of Buyers, made up of all our executives with buyout projects.

Objectives of business takeover support


  • Information gathering
  • Training
  • Idea validation
  • Project framing


  • Making contacts
  • Business research
  • Target analysis
  • Negotiations


  • Letter of intent
  • Memorandum of understanding
  • Asset liability guarantee
  • Business plan
  • Acquisition audits
  • Capital raising
  • Shareholder agreements


  • Suspensive clauses lifted
  • Final sale
  • Handover and support


Personalized support for the executive throughout the search for targets and discussions with sellers, right up to the completion of the takeover and the launch of the business.

Les bénéfices du coaching de reprise d'entreprise

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