Career transition coaching

Getting back into motion to return to work

5% of executives made redundant by their company benefit from outplacement. Historically, outplacement has been offered by HR departments; however, since the advent of the " Conventional Termination " scheme, employees have taken the initiative of requesting outplacement from their company themselves.


Which context?

Executives who wish to return to work, taking into account their motivations, skills and constraints.

Dual support

Individual with a dedicated coach and collective through participation in a group dynamic.

Un coaching de transition de carrière professionnelle

Individual: 4 key phases of the "Move & Lead" approach

  • Formalization of professional project
  • Design and production of communication platform
  • Preparation for high-stakes meetings
  • Onboarding coaching as part of certain support programs

Collective: involving executives

  • Training workshops
  • Speeches by inspiring leaders
  • Convivial moments between coaches and executives
  • Sector and functional clubs

Objectives of career transition coaching

The Move & Lead approach

My signature

  • Identify my asperities and get to know me better
  • Identify my skills, motivations and areas for development
  • Identify my professional added value

My perspectives

  • Define my career plan

My leadership

  • Asserting my asperities and my potential
  • Define my specific know-how

Act and interact

  • Embodying my project
  • Define and create your communication platform
  • Define your network strategy and succeed in high-stakes interviews
  • Succeed in my professional integration


For the company

  • Ease the tensions inherent in a break in collaboration between company and employee
  • Contribute to the company's CSR dimension in terms of
    employee experience and impact on the employer brand

For the executive

  • Reduce the time it takes to return to work by an average of 6 months (8.5 months vs. 15 months without support)
  • Return to a salary equal to or higher than the previous one (80% of supported leaders)
  • Explore the "field of possibilities" (difficult to investigate alone)
  • Contribute to a successful transition to a new position
Les bénéfices d'un coaching de transition de carrière

Need support in your search for a new career?