Career transition coaching

Turning change into an opportunity...

Being a leader

means being connected, mobile and committed



We can provide you with support throughout your career transition (this is also known as an outplacement service). Regardless of whether your career break has been planned or not, this is an opportunity to embark on a new professional journey on your own terms, whether this involves going back into employment, starting your own business or buying an existing one. We can provide you with a dedicated team organised in project mode to take you through this process with shared objectives and timeframe, and a wide range of resources to keep you in touch with the corporate sphere during this transition period. Welcome to the Nexmove living & learning experience!


Tailored programmes and workshops for...
developing your sustainable employability

The benefits of career transition coaching

N  ew perspectives on yourself, your professional journey, and your biggest successes and driving forces

xploring the wider world, other people and new ways of seeing them

X  A journey into the unknown... When will I get something? What will I do? Asking the right questions

anaging your career by getting a bit of perspective

bservatory and living & learning laboratory

V  ivacity of a brand new experience conducive to successful future professional ventures

mbarking on an exciting new professional journey and being coached in the best way of getting there