The Human & Work group

The leading European consulting group dedicated to the challenges facing people at work

Human & Work helps HR managers look after their teams and their organizations. With offices in France, Italy, Spain and Germany, the group’s 255 employees advise more than 1,000 companies and their 8 million employees worldwide.

Thanks to its multidisciplinary team, Human & Work brings a unique expertise on issues relating to psychological wellbeing at work, diversity and inclusion, career management and leadership development.


We are experts on people at work

Our leadership is based on:

  • A strategy of hyper-specialisation
  • Premium brands, which are recognised as leaders in their respective markets
  • A high level of expertise on a bedrock of scientific research and academic knowledge
  • A European culture and a capacity to carry out our work internationally
  • A drive for innovation and continuous improvement
  • Extensive attention to the customer experience

Our values



To be part of a process of continual improvement, individually and collectively. To aim for the highest level of expertise, experience and impact.



To nurture co-responsibility. To foster a climate of mutual aid and conviviality. To make the success of each individual a collective one. To encourage respect and benevolence.



To encourage everyone to challenge their habits or preconceived ideas. To value risk-taking and the desire to innovate. To not be afraid of making mistakes and learning from them.

Our areas of expertise

One ambition: to build the leading European consultancy dedicated to people in the workplace

Strategic counselling for HR managers

Health & wellbeing at work

Diversity and inclusion

Executive & Career

Professional Coaching & Leadership Development

workplace experts
employee shareholders
companies advised
countries covered

Our locations

A presence in the

4 largest euro-zone economies :

France, Italy, Spain and Germany;

with offices in Paris, Lyon, Aix-en-Provence, Milan, Madrid and Kiel

Our commitments

In 2020, the Human & Work group began a collaborative reflection on an ambitious Positive Impact project, today embodied by our purpose:

Building together an inclusive, responsible, and serene workplace

We take this motto quite literally and are committed to doing everything possible to make our group and our stakeholders progress in terms of Positive Impact, particularly in our areas of expertise.

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