Career revitalization coaching

Boosting the 3rd part of seniors' careers

The employment rate among 55-64 year-olds has risen sharply in recent years, from 37% in 2003 to 56% in 2021, and the retirement age was recently pushed back to 62. There is a risk of demobilization, demotivation and loss of meaning among older workers.


Which context?

Senior executives over 55 who want to boost the 3rd part of their career.

A dual individual and collective dynamic

10 individual sessions of 1h30 each

  • Current situation and diagnosis
  • My aspirations
  • Prepare my last 5 years
  • Act and interact within my company in 10 sessions with a coach
Un dirigeant senior accompagné lors de sa revitalisation de carrière

Two group workshops

  • "Journey of life"
  • "Optimizing my network"

Our coaching approach is tailor-made and co-constructed with the executive and the company, based on the company's culture, model and organization.

Coaching can be organized as a face-to-face or remote session.

Objectives of career revitalization coaching

Current situation
and diagnosis

  • Identify my skills and motivations and how they match the company's challenges

My aspirations

  • Evaluate my expertise
  • My resources
  • Know-how

Prepare my last 5 years

  • Be able to project yourself
  • Knowing which profession to pursue
  • To train

Act and interact

  • Mentoring, networks, meaning and motivation, strength of proposal on cross-functional projects


For the company

  • Develop intergenerational skills and preserve an inclusive spirit
  • Use and enhance the experience of executives
  • Develop the company's image both internally and externally

For the executive

  • Bring and share experience and knowledge to less experienced members of the team
  • Maintain a bond of trust and commitment with the company
  • Maintain a sense of belonging
Une équipe intergénérationnelle

Need support for your 3rd career stage?