Internal mobility (inplacement)
and return from expatriation

A personal and professional diagnosis
A reflection on evolution and setting in motion

60% of executives would choose internal mobility if they had the chance, rather than leaving the company (source: Keycoopt System 2021).


An individual and collective dynamic

  • A 10-session course with a coach

Group workshop: "Communicate as a Leader"

  • Coaching can be organized as a face-to-face or remote session.
Une équipe célèbre la réussite d'une mobilité interne

Internal mobility and return from expatriation coaching objectives

Framing and objectives

  • Clarification of the context, issues and expectations with the coach and the company

My signature as a leader

  • Personality: Analysis of operating modes in the various spheres of intervention, management and delegation styles, identification of behavioral drivers and inhibitors. This reflection is based on tools such as self-portraits, image feedback and personality inventories (MBTI, Process Com, EgoSum, etc.), which are chosen according to the needs of the individual to enrich his or her view of the different facets of his or her personality.
  • Professional: Writing and reading your life story. Highlight significant achievements. Identify specific knowledge, skills and experience. Analysis of favourable and unfavourable situations, satisfactions and difficulties encountered. Identify specific talents.

Act and interact

  • Structure its communication and action plan by benefiting from the collective (Communicate as a Leader workshop)
  • Inventory of network capital, exploration of needs and meetings with decision-makers

My aspirations
and perspectives

  • Reflection and definition of possible preferential missions consistent with the diagnosis and motivation phase
  • Work on behavioral improvement areas
  • Drawing up a development proposal and one or two argued professional projects


For the company

  • Anticipate and support career paths in France and abroad
  • Mobilize the commitment of its leaders and executives to sustainable mobility
  • Accelerate the movement by involving the person in a dynamic process

For the executive

  • Benefit from a confidential space for self-reflection and self-projection
  • Identify its own strengths and driving forces in order to build a clear picture of its professional future within the company​
  • Take charge of its own action plan, expand its relational network within the company, work on its communication and leadership skills
Coaching d'une mobilité interne d'une dirigeante

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