Overcoming conflict situations

Turning conflict into opportunity

Today, the cost of conflict in the workplace is estimated at over 152 billion euros a year (wage cost on a French scale) *estimated by the Observatory launched by OpinionXWay. It's also the equivalent of one month's work a year lost to conflict in the workplace. A quarter of French employees say they regularly experience conflict at work.


Which context?

  • Leader facing another person (N+1, N-1, Peer) : Individual coaching
  • Leader facing his team: Team coaching
  • Leader witnessing conflict between team members: Team coaching

An individual and collective dynamic

A support process (number of meetings, duration and participants) to be defined on a case-by-case basis.

Le coaching de gestion de situations de conflit

Group workshop: "How to behave in conflict"

Coaching can be organized as a face-to-face or remote session.

The objectives of conflict management coaching

Define and identify conflict

  • Identify the actors and the source, and factualize the conflict (facts and words).

Take a step back

  • Understand the impact of conflict on the protagonists and the responsibility of each person

Formulate options for change(s)

  • Implementing behavior change(s)

Act and interact

  • Case studies
    Examples of solutions and tools considered: "pair coaching", "angry letter", "conspiracy of silence", "mediation", "non-violent communication"...

To anchor behavioral changes in the long term

  • Prevent and defuse new conflict situations as early as possible


For the company

  • Avoid deterioration of the company's social climate
  • Preserve the sense of belonging
  • Reduce the risk of harassment and discrimination

For the executive

  • Maintain the sense of trust
  • Preserve a healthy team climate
  • Reduce absenteeism, disengagement, stress, anxiety about going to work and team resignations
Les bénéfices du coaching de gestion de conflits

Need help managing a conflict situation?