Executive team coaching

Strengthen member cohesion and interdependence

Team coaching most often comes into play at key moments in the life of a company or a team: restructuring, reorganization, transformation, merger/acquisition, conflict, change of management, operating in silos, when the collective has not reached its full potential...


Which context?

Our coaching approach is tailor-made and co-constructed with the manager, based on the company's culture, managerial model and the personality of the leader.

On the program:

  • Briefing, framing and objectives with the HR manager
  • Preparatory meeting with the manager
  • Work with the manager and his/her team
  • Feedback session with the manager
  • Progress monitoring
  • Continuation of work
L'accompagnement d'une équipe de direction

Executive team coaching objectives

Building the maturity of a management team

Accelerate the process and establish an action and result oriented dynamic based on a better appreciation of each individual's challenges and greater mutual trust


For the company

  • Encourage greater autonomy and decision-making capacity, and develop greater cross-functionality and collaboration between team members within the Comex
  • Develop managerial responsibility that fosters communication
  • Reinforce the co-elaboration and sharing of vision so that the Comex team is able to build a common steering framework and coherent action plans that give meaning and perspective to employees

For the executive

Les bénéfices du coaching d'une équipe de direction
  • Enable team members to get to know and appreciate each other better. Share challenges and constraints.
    Build trust, information sharing and co-responsibility
  • Strengthen member cohesion and interdependence
  • Enrich the team's ability to make diagnoses, discuss problems and disagreements to better align with the decision
  • Cascading strategy implementation and good managerial practices throughout the organization

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