Internal promotion of executives

For successful development within your company

Around fifty managers are recruited every year, and five times as many if middle management positions are included. Many companies favor internal promotion, which remains the surest way of filling management positions.


Which context?

  • 1st management position
  • Joining a Codir/Comex
  • Expanding responsibilities
  • Change of function
  • International mobility... and discovery


  • Discovery interview
  • Framing meeting with the company: share the initial context, reasons for having been chosen, job challenges/personal challenges, clarify objectives
  • 10 individual coaching sessions
  • Closing meeting
L'accompagnement de la promotion interne des dirigeants

Our coaching approach is tailor-made and co-constructed with the executive and the company, based on the company's culture, model and organization.

Coaching can be organized as a face-to-face or remote session.

The objectives of executive internal promotion coaching

Conditions for success

  • Job challenges versus skills
  • Strengths and areas of improvement
  • Clarification of objectives
  • Identify work paths

My roadmap

  • Define a roadmap from a systemic point of view
  • Understand the ecosystem to create a relationship of trust with stakeholders
  • Set priorities for short-term impact (first 100 days)

My signature

  • Embodying your role and leadership
  • Establishing your legitimacy
  • Making your mark

Act, interact and shine

  • Take charge of the team, make decisions, organize
  • Combine visibility and influence, quick win


For the company

  • Secure the assumption of a high-stakes/key position
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the executive
  • Capitalize on human investment
  • Promote talent
  • Loyalize and retain key players
  • Develop employability
  • Impact the employer brand

For the executive

  • Putting executives on a career-track path
Les bénéfices du coaching de promotion interne d'un dirigeant

Need support in taking up your new position?