Onboarding coaching

To successfully take up a position in a new company

40% of managers recruited will face failure within 18 months. The first 100 days are indicative of successful onboarding.


Which context?

Any senior manager arriving in a new company and taking on new functions involving team management.

An individual and collective dynamic

A 10-session course:

  • 1 introductory meeting
  • 8 coaching sessions over a period to be defined with the person being coached
  • 1 follow-up interview
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Group workshop: « Succeeding in your new role »

Our approach to onboarding coaching is tailor-made and co-constructed with the leader/manager and the company, based on the company's culture, model and organization.

Coaching can be organized as a face-to-face or remote session.

Onboarding coaching objectives

Good reasons for being chosen

  • Identify your skills and motivations, and how they match your company's challenges

Embodied leadership

  • Embody your leadership role
  • Adjust your working style and communication to suit the people you work with and their skills

Make an impact and shine

  • Build and mobilize your team
  • Identify a network of alliances: internal and external

A clearer roadmap

  • Diagnose the situation and the challenges, perspectives and potential needs.

A clear astonishment report

  • Define a roadmap from a systemic point of view
  • Understand the ecosystem to create a relationship of trust with stakeholders
  • Set priorities for short-term impact (first 100 days)


For the company

  • Foster the integration of key talent
  • Build loyalty over the medium term
  • Strengthen attractiveness and employer brand
  • Deploy a consistent corporate culture

For the executive

  • Succeeding in your new role
  • Embracing the corporate culture
Les bénéfices d'un coaching d'onboarding

Need support in taking up your new position?