Identifying external talent

To succeed in your recruitment challenges

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Which context?

Any executive recruitment is a major challenge for the company, in a context of war for talent and complex governance issues in a VUCA* world.

* Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity

A dynamic approach to making our network available to meet your recruitment needs

Our talent pool is based on managers and executives who are supported by Nexmove or who form our active alumni group.

L'accompagnement de détection de talents externe

The objectives of external talent sourcing

Good reasons to work
with us

  • Identify together the profile you're looking for
  • Communicate your recruitment opportunity to our community
  • With their agreement, send you the names of prospective profiles


For the company

  • Draw on a pool of talent that has been coached by Nexmove
  • Encourage the employability of seniors and diversity at work
  • Find an alternative to a search with a recruitment agency in a non-transactional spirit
  • Rely on a support network to motivate future recruits
  • Identify profiles that can be immediately available
  • Benefit from onboarding coaching to increase chances of integration
Les bénéfices de la détection de talents externe

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