NEXMOVE supports executives,
at all key stages of their careers,
to reveal and strengthen their leadership skills and employability.


Since 2004, Nexmove has been supporting executives at all key stages of their careers, to reveal and strengthen their leadership and employability skills.

Our team coaches in 7 languages and relies on an international partnership. With Nexmove, managers and their teams find their uniqueness, express their potential and develop their sustainable employability.

Our team of Senior Executive Coaches combines the strength of individual coaching with the power of a collective dynamic. Nexmove offers an immersive experience to accompany the highlights of a manager's career.

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Marie-Liesse Morgaut
Managing Director, Nexmove

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Pierre-Henry Sandoz, HR Director France, Southern Europe and Middle East

7 months at Nexmove means 7 months of human adventure, of engaging personalities, of energy, of men and women rich in experience, history and passion. Varied encounters that open up new horizons and give you renewed hope in human nature...

Jacques - General Manager

During my 7 months with Nexmove, I benefited from a training program and workshops tailored to my needs, and above all from a privileged relationship with my peers who were also in transition. I'm coming to the end of my transition with Nexmove and I'm taking over the general management of a very fine SME. This transition has been a wonderful experience, rich in personal development. I feel that this success is a collective success.

Bruno, Nexmove alumni

Each session at Nexmove was a breath of fresh air, energizing me and helping me make progress on my project. These moments of exchange were always sincere and relaxed, with a good mix of professionalism, method and networking. A highlight at Nexmove? The session with my coach where I made the decision to move towards a company thanks to a discussion loaded with questions that changed my perspective on the target...

Alix - Marketing Director

I started working with Nexmove a few months ago, and have just joined a well-known player in the luxury goods industry. Nexmove has taught me that we need to use and make the most of the time we're "offered" - which is rare in a career - to: get to know ourselves better, take the necessary distance to understand events and project ourselves into a new life project. It's essential!