Internal mobility support


Internal mobility coaching factors in your human and personal dimensions, your contributions, difficulties, skill set – those things that drive you forward and the things that hold you back. This snapshot will serve as a platform for devising the objectives to be used to plot out a satisfactory way forward for you in phase with your company’s strategy.

Internal mobility

Leveraging your professional experience

Analysing what exactly you want

Forging realistic and concrete professional goals that may be shared with your company to project your medium-term career objectives



Performing a skills assessment actually BOOSTs your prospects!


as in briefing

The process kicks off with an exchange with the company, setting out the objectives of the company and those of the employee



as in observation

Of personal, professional and people skills and identifying the driving forces and constraints


as in objective

The process culminates in objectives that are forged out of the various different options.



as in summary

The summary assessment is submitted to the company for action and validated in the presence of the employee and the consultant working with them.



as in terrain

The defined objective is followed by a phase of meetings on the ground (terrain!) with the people who are most likely to make things happen.


Take the time to carefully
choose your consultant

Once you commit to the assessment process, the choice of consultant becomes really important. Feel free to meet with several consultants before you make your mind up.



The consultant who will partner you throughout the assessment process, must prove themselves capable of a non-judgemental approach, open-mindedness and empathy without over-indulgence.

You should ensure that s/he seeks to understand your expectations and will adapt their support strategy to your requirements and not the other way around.


The objectives of the assessment are laid down between the company, the consultant and yourself, however the content of your exchanges with the consultant are strictly confidential and no information concerning you may be disclosed without your consent.


A consultant who knows your business, your sector or your company and who has worked as a senior executive can help you to conduct the assessment in an effective manner but never forget that you are the expert...and that his/her role is to help you to get the most out of yourself.


Get your consultant to explain the whole assessment process and the methodology they will use. Some use 360 Degree personality tests to round out the different stages of the assessment.