Agile, innovative and daring managers


Somewhere between 248,000 and 271,000 executives will be recruited in 2018 and this trend is set to continue into 2019.


So things are looking up for executive recruitment.


This momentum, reflected in finance and IT functions and in the service sector, is highly conducive to the employability of senior managers. If we place these figures in a broader context, the rate of employment for executives is 96.5% – a record in comparison to all other sections of the working population.


So it’s a good time for employability. But what about "sustainable employability" ?


The digital transformation is driving demand for a new type of intellectually curious, agile, mobile and connected manager. Outward-looking managers in tune with the latest developments.  Managers who can stimulate their teams and develop cooperation. Managers who can run complex organisations in a straightforward manner. Brave managers who embrace their role and impact their surrounding environment.


Our role is to help these new managers to forge a structured and harmonious career path. For internal mobility and career transition, our executive coaching is designed to bring executive talents into phase with current corporate requirements.


Our approach is a caring but demanding one, driven by a shared conviction: a successful professional journey must be based around movement.

Marie-Liesse Morgaut